Political Awareness and Involvement / Social Action

We are committed to being proactive in informing and educating our membership and community on the issues of the day that have the potential to impact their lives. Political Awareness and Involvement is charged to ensure a quality way of life for marginalized and undeserved people through the networking of our Five-Point Program Thrust that is woven together by social action.

Our National Social Action Commission strive earnestly to ensure that issues impacting our country and world are at the forefront of our consciousness. Locally, TAC seek to empower the residents of Tuscaloosa through forging partnerships with community organizations.


Through its Special Consultative Status, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. provides analysis and expertise in monitoring and implementing international agreements on issues of mutual concern. As a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Delta has the opportunity to gain access to and disseminate information concerning a range of issues on women and children in which the United Nations is involved. TAC will be present at the 2019 Delta Days at the United Nations and will be a conduit for disseminating information and raising awareness throughout our service area.

Delta Day with the Mayor                                                                                         

The Tuscaloosa Alumnae Chapter (TAC) host Delta Day with the Mayor at Tuscaloosa City Hall each year. During the well-attended event, TAC and community members met with Tuscaloosa Mayor and key officials including Tuscaloosa Police Chief; Human Resource Managers; and Council-leaders. TAC address several concerns ranging from economic development to mental health.